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Forever-free Blu-ray, DVD, and video player that helps play with desired subtitle, audio (language), chapter, and title
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AunPlayer Studio
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14 October 2013

Editor's review

This is a DVD and video playing tool including the recent Blu-ray ones.

This is a free tool to help you play Blu-rays, DVDs, and videos on your computer. There is no need to buy a separate Blu-ray player for your computer. It will play video clips from your local hard disk too. It can handle a wide range of formats including MKV, MOV, WMV, AVI, MTS, MXF, etc. You will be able to choose specific title, chapter, and A/V tracks and subtitles. Users can either play HD Blu-ray and DVD movies from Blu-ray/ DVD discs or from decrypted Blu-ray/ DVD folders. CUDA acceleration is supported such that video play is smooth. You would be able to play full-screen or any other customized size. You would be able to access movie information. The interface is simple. Just about anybody should be able to start using the tool right away.

The main player controls are standard. Play/pause, stop, fast forward, rewind and a volume control are the main player controls. Going to full screen display and back are options available. The usual progress bar with time display is available. You would be able to get indications of how much has been played and what’s left. As the software opens, the main options available are load BD/DVD ROM, Load BD/DVD folder and load video. Load BD/DVD ROM is for loading a commercially released or pre-recorded disc to be played through the drive. Load BD/DVD folder is for play a video from the hard disk of your machine. Overall that’s simplicity itself. When you have a collection of movies you have bought, de-encrypted files on your disk or a DVD and all those videos you have collected can now be enjoyed easily. No money to be spent either. This is a good tool.

Publisher's description

Aun Player is a powerful and free software solution that helps play Blu-ray, DVD, and videos on computers with subtitles, audio tracks, chapters, and titles options. Users can either play HD Blu-ray and DVD movies from Blu-ray/ DVD Rom or from decrypted entire Blu-ray/ DVD folder. As a free video player as well, it supports playing MKV, MTS, MXF, MOV, WMV, MPEG, MP4, etc smoothly in HD quality.
In a word, it's a perfect combination of three pieces of player software, a Blu-ray player software, a DVD player software, and a video player. And it's free!
Key features:
Play any latest Blu-ray and DVD from ROM free
Play movies from decrypted Blu-ray and DVD folder
Play any non-protected video formats like MXF, MTS, MKV, etc.
Options to play with desired subtitle, audio (language), chapter, and title.
One-click to ejecting Blu-ray or DVD disc from optical drive
System decoding or CUDA decoding
Play in full screen or any size to customize
Check movie info
Aun Player
Aun Player
Version 1.1
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